nblw terms and why you shouldn’t be forcing them on nonbinary lesbians

trixic- nonbinary people who are attracted to women, exclusively or not.

trixic was created to be the nonbinary equivalent of sapphic/achillean. this label can include men or male-aligned people and was never intended to be a replacement for lesbian.

one if the creators involved in the coining of the term trixic has also voiced support for nonbinary lesbians and is against the label being forced onto other people

feminamoric- nonbinary people who are exclusively attracted to women.

feminamoric was created to state one’s attraction without assuming one’s gender. ex. someone straight that’s attracted to women is assumed to be a man or man-aligned and someone lesbian attracted to women is assumed to be a woman or woman-aligned. this label may not work for some due to nonbinary people (woman-aligned or non-aligned) being included in their attraction.

also, the definition and reasoning for this labels creation implies support for woman-aligned nonbinary people identifying as lesbians

gyno/gynesexual- someone who is exclusively attracted to feminity and/or the female anatomy.

this label is problematic and uncomfortable for a number of reasons. one being that some definitions of the word mean “attracted to female parts or anatomy regardless if the person identifies as female” this can include attraction to trans men and all afab nonbinary people and can exclude attraction to trans women and this reduces all afab people to their genitalia and/or agab. this label is often used by transphobes and terfs to do just that. another reason being that it also states attraction to feminity which can include feminine people such as men or male-aligned nonbinary people that present feminine and exclude masculine people such as studs/butches and women and woman/non-aligned nonbinary people that present masculine

the term isn’t always used in a harmful way, it all depends on who’s using it and why or how but it’s uncomfortable for many.

venusic- nonbinary people that are exclusively attracted to women, women-aligned people and lunarians

this label could definitely describe some nonbinary lesbians attraction but may not be able to accurately encompass their experiences and gender identity. also, not every nonbinary person is comfortable with being referred as woman-aligned or identifies that way. also, this term was created to be a nonproblematic alternative to gynosexual, this doesn’t mean people shouldn’t or can’t use it, i’m just mentioning so people are aware.

i couldn’t find much on the creator’s opinion on nonbinary lesbians but in eir explanation posts of the label (linked on lgbt+ wiki) em says “ I know I could probably “get away” with calling myself a lesbian, but I don’t feel very comfortable with that.” but ey doesn’t mention anything about how others that choose to use the lesbian label. (i will be looking through eir tumblr to see if i can find where ey stands on it and will edit this accordingly)

neptunic- the attraction to all people except men and masculine-aligned nonbinary people

similar to venusic in the way that it could accurately describe a nonbinary lesbian’s attraction but might not describe their experiences or identity. also, this may not work for everyone because many nonbinary people use “masculine-aligned” to mean presentation while many also use it to mean they are more aligned with manhood. masculine-aligned and man-aligned are sometimes interchangeable and sometimes they aren’t, it really just depends on who you ask and how they define it.

the person who coined the term has also reblogged several posts implying they support nonbinary lesbians/sapphics/gays but wanted to create a term that didn’t group all nblw in with them.

diamoric labels as a whole and why you shouldn’t be forcing them on people that choose to use “binary” labels such as gay, lesbian, and straight.

diamoric labels were created to be used by nonbinary people that weren’t comfortable using “binary” labels NOT to be forced on nonbinary people that are comfortable using such labels.

the definition of diamoric is “feeling that your experience with attraction is either a) a uniquely nonbinary experience, b) outside or incompatible with an similar/other gender dichotomy and/or c) affected in some way by your identity as nonbinary. not all nonbinary people resonate with diamoric labels and they weren’t created to be forced on any of us. they were created to be used by those of us that weren’t comfortable with binary terms/labels

also, diamoric labels can be combined with other sexualities so for example someone could be a “venusic lesbian” or “trixic lesbian”. they can be used on their own as well it all depends on preference/the person

there are various reasons why nonbinary lesbians use lesbian instead of the labels mentioned here are some of them

they have a unique relationship or connection with womanhood that diamoric labels often don’t represent or showthey relate to or struggle with lesbian specific experiences such as comphet they identified as lesbian before questioning their gender identity and feel connected with that label and the experiences associated with it

Note: This doesn’t necessarily reflect every nonbinary lesbian’s experience or reason for identifying with the lesbian label
These were just very common answers when i asked my mutuals why they used lesbian instead of diamoric labels

this carrd was mainly made to show why these labels that are often forced on nonbinary lesbians may not work for them because of any unique experiences they may have.

this carrd was NOT made to bash anyone who uses any of the labels mentioned and if you identify as a nonbinary lesbian and feel one of these describes your experiences or attraction better than lesbian does then you are completely valid in using them. also, if you like any of these labels but still feel that lesbian is what works for you then you can use these in addition to lesbian. ex. neptunic lesbian, feminamoric lesbian, trixic lesbian, etc.

if you have any questions feel free to dm on twitter or send any in through curiouscat!!!